Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa's Lap

Guldurn, it's snowin' like a mofo 'round these here parts.  Good stuff.

It's Sunday, so it must be time for another swell Xmas mix of tunes previously posted  here at the 'Mountain Holiday blowout.  Not much to say about it...just pour yrself some spirits, kick back on the couch and watch the pretty lights spin around the Christmas tree.

A Big Rock Candy Mountain Stocking Stuffer Mix (download link follows track listing)

1. Watch Out Santa's Been Drinking (Tiger City Jukes)
2. Santa's Too Drunk To Drive (The Hot Rods)
3. All I Got For Christmas Was Drunk (Better Off Dead)
4. The Night Before Xmas Binge (Kay Martin and Her Boyfriends)
5. Champagne Of Christmas (The Fleshtones)
6. Christmas Behind The Wheel (The Saddle Tramps)
7. Santa's Boy (Del Reeves)
8. It's Christmas Everyday In Alaska (Hank Thompson)
9. Po' Folks Christmas (Bill Anderson)
10. Barefoot Santa Claus (Sonny James)
11. Papa Noel (Brenda Lee)
12. Chimney Top Twist (The Robin Sisters)
13. Something Funny In Santa's Lap (The Moaners)
14. Christmas 1979 (Wild Billy Childish)
15. Jesus Christ (Big Star)
16. Presents For Christmas (Solomon Burke)
17. It's Christmas (Marvin and Johnny)
18. Gotta Get Lucky For Christmas (Johnny Rabb)
19. Mambo Santa Mambo (Enchanters)
20. Kisses For Christmas (Marti Brom)
21. Mr. Santa Claus (Nathaniel Mayer)
22. The Empty Xmas Stocking (Lulu Belle and Scotty)
23. Santa Claus (Spectrum)

A Big Rock Candy Mountain Stocking Stuffer (mp3)

Please support yr local food pantry this Holiday season. 


Anonymous said...

Great songs, great photo. Twin Johnny & O.M.A.'s from 1964, most likely. That's nearly 1000 bucks worth of toys by today's prices. The year I got mine was first time it ever got warm enough at Christmas to play outside with a jacket. We over-bounced our super balls and they began to break up in those funny square chunks.

Rev. Gary Davis said...

Might as well stuff the stockings with condoms and KY Jelly - at least someone'll get 'stuffed' this Christmas.