Sunday, December 05, 2010

Yuletide Egg Nog

Don't know what that feller above is doin' takin' off his sweater.  Perhaps he's preparin' to give the lovely lady next to him a very special Xmas present.  Aint none of our business, of course, but it is Christmas, and the time for giving...and we're not opposed to spreading our love wherever it may be welcomed.  And who's not turned on by the present offered under that bouffant?  Good Xmas times, we're sure...

Well, that's done, so how about a brand spankin' new Xmas mix for yr next Holiday party.  Hell, collect 'em all (and maybe, if demand demands, we'll post all our previous years' tell us what you want).  We're compilin' all our previous years' tunes into a series of mixes for yr listening enjoyment, consarnit!  Fill yr damn stocking with this, daddy-o....

A Big Rock Candy Mountain Yuletide Egg Nog Mix (download link follows track listing)

1. Bundle Up (The Replacements)
2. Christmas Party (Brendan Hanlon)
3. Christmas Party (Eddie and DeHavalon)
4. Don't Plan No Party This Christmas (Mel Brown and the Homewreckers)
5. Wildest Christmas (The Rumbles)
6. Christmas Dinner (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
7. Christmas In Vegas (Dale Watson)
8. On A Christmas Day (Leadbelly)
9. Will Santa Come To Shanty Town (Eddy Arnold)
10. Xmas Blues (Harmon Ray)
11. All I Want For Christmas Is To Lay Around And Love On You (Chuck Willis)
12. Christmas Hell (Wild Billy Childish and the MBE's)
13.  It's Christmas Time (Yeah We're Gonna Rock) (Flat Duo Jets)
14. Santa Claus (Bo Carter)
15. Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby (Amos Milburn)
16. Shut In At Christmas (Charlie Louvin)
17. Can I Sing A Christmas Song For You (Dave Dudley)
18. The Old Christmas Truck (Red Simpson)
19. Xmas In Prison (Seasick Steve)
20. Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail (Rev. J.M. Gates)
21. Christmas And No Santa Claus (Bumblebee Slim)
22. Country Christmas (Faron Young)

 A Big Rock Yuletide Egg Nog Mix (mp3)

Ok.  You've received plenty of free shit 'round the internets over the past year.    How about takin' the money you've saved and kicking back a little to those less fortunate than yourself this Holiday season? 


Anonymous said...

god DAMN brutha, you have come thru AGAIN! right the f ON! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ruralgurl said...

Excellent! BTW, Holy crap, that coulda been my childhood living room. Same TV, same knotty pine panelling, same weird curtains.... Spooky!

Anonymous said...

best christmas comp I've ever heard! I can't believe I've never heard most of these brilliant songs. Why aren't these on the radio instead of the usual crap?

Please, please, please re-up previous comps!

Anonymous said...

This one, too?

Sorry for being late/annoying,

Rev. Gary Davis said...

The link is gone gone gone...with the eggnog