Thursday, December 02, 2010

Santa's Drinkin'

Is that damn Charlie Brown special on yet?

Anyhow, we'd like to believe that most of what we post during the Holiday season isn't mere "novelty", but legitimate kick-ass Xmas tunes that add to the season in a way that the usual fare can't any longer.  Do we really need another version of a traditional song as "interpreted" by Mariah Carey?  We think not.

That said, we've got a bit of a soft spot for some grand Christmas weepers, the kind of tunes that are both painful to sit through, yet revelatory in their sogginess.  We've done at least one of this each year.  What's the Yuletide without a little whine and cheese? 

Smiley Bates knows what we mean.  On his tune "Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas" (most assuredly NOT the Commander Cody tune), he's got a young lad's take on what it means for daddy to spend too much time at the bar during the Holiday season (with his girlfriend(s), no less).  Great stuff, and perfect listening during yr late-nite cocktail. 

Bill and Boyd, on the other hand, have more to worry about on Christmas day.  Apparently Santa aint coming due to natural disaster.  Yes, indeed.  This 'un will make you wish you had that drink that "daddy" loves so much in the previous song.

For our Re-Post Special, we're goin' barefoot for Christmas, courtesy of Sonny James and Little Jimmy Dickens.   Well, why not keep with a theme?  Barefoot?  In the winter?  Well, hell, you'd think Santa had better sense.

Santa's an emo little feller.

Smiley Bates: Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas (mp3)

Bill and Boyd: Santa Never Made It Into Darwin (mp3)

Re-Post Specials

Sonny James: Barefoot Santa Claus (mp3)

Little Jimmy Dickins:  Barefooted Little Cowboy (mp3)

Please support yr local kleenex manufacturer and emergency response technician this Holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Goodness Gracious!

Every day is great, but I think you've out done yourself today.

John (from Milw)

kage said...

Frick'n love your website! I follow it year round, but come Christmas time I'm here everyday. It's like opening a gift each day leading up to Christmas! Dig Little Jimmy Dickins Barefooted Little Cowboy, a classic! Keep up the sensational work!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Thank you kindly, folks!