Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve!

We're gonna take a break from our Favorite Records Of The Year list, to wish all y'all a Happy New Year!  Got a few swell songs below to help you ring it all in.  Hope yr year was swell, and here's hoping for the next 'un.  Our only resolution is to do our damndest to provide some keen tunes for y'all to enjoy over the coming year, whether it be Country, Blues, Trash, or Rawk.  Oh, and maybe post a little more often, but, well, you know...

We'll have our Top Ten Records Of The Year on Monday.  (We know yr just waitin' with bated breath on that...)

But for tonight, here's some nifty little numbers from Tony Rodelle Larson, Mae West, and Jo Ann Campbell to warm yr festive spirits (if the, erm, spirits haven't already done that for you, nudge, nudge, wink, wink..). 

Take care of yourselves,  have a good time, and be good to each other.  See you in a few days with our Top 10 Records of 2010.

Tony Rodelle Larson: Bear Rug (mp3)

Mae West: My New Year's Resolutions (mp3)

Jo Ann Campbell: Happy New Year Baby (mp3) 

Be well.  


schoppenaas said...

Can't.. wait... any.... longer.... must........ see........... Top................ Ten!

Happy New Year Big Rock, thanks for all the swell songs & holiday spirit!

Brian K Reese said...

Tuesday! We think. We're pretty sure. Most likely Tuesday. Yep. Or Wednesday. But Tuesday could be the day.

cory said...

cool post lov it cool pics aswell
varry interesting