Tuesday, December 14, 2010

X Is For Christmas

Oops.  Missed a day.  Alas.  We're still pretty far ahead of the curve, though, aint we?

So, the following most certainly is a Christmas post (check the tunes).  But bear with us.

Two new records came out this year that we haven't properly covered. 

One, "Holy Broken", is the very, very, very welcome return of  the Sin Ropas,  with Tim Hurley of Red Red Meat and early Califone.  Been way too long since we've a record by this band, and we have more to say about this record in a couple of weeks (check our upcoming Favorite Records of the Year list.)  They have a Christmas song on the new record.

This year also featured a new release, Eyas,  by the incredibly prolific Centro-Matic, another Mountain fave rave band.  Will Johnson (also of South San Gabriel) rips off more shards of Texas sparkle'n'shine meditative country drone.  Delicious.  And, as you might have guessed, they also have a Christmas song the new lp. 

So let's check 'em out, shall we?  A little contemporary, compared to most of our Holiday posts, but what the hell?  Why not?

Re-Post Specials...well, let's keep a theme going, shall we?  Some  fuzzy Xmas downers from Red Red Meat, the very mighty Jim Mize, Silkworm, and Neil Halstead.  Yummy, well-baked Xmas cookies indeed.

Sin Ropas:  X Is For Christmas (mp3)

Centro-Matic: Christmas '83 (mp3)

Re-Post Specials

Red Red Meat: There's A Star Above the Manger Tonight (mp3)

Jim Mize: Christmas In Mississippi (mp3)

Neil Halstead: Man In The Santa Claus Suit (mp3)

Silkworm: Merry Christmas (mp3)

Howdy!  Does anybody read this part?  Well, if so, please give what you can this Holiday season.  Times are tough, but there's a ton of people who probably have it tougher.  Just sayin'....


stacyanna said...

yes I am reading the stuff at the end of yout posts. I always make sure I throw some loose change in the red kettles at the Salvation Army and also dropping change into a bucket at my local YMCA's Strong Kids campaign.

Duncanmusic said...

I am also giving you assurance that there are some of us with hearts out there...I'm doing my part by performing with my band, PIED BY MOE as part of a Christmas Benefit for the Center For Runaway Teens in Rochester, NY.
30 musical acts will start at 8 PM on Saturday at the Village Gate on Goodman St and end 4 hours later...all Christmas Song, eun with an extended family of musicians AND we usually raise several thousand dollars for the cause.

Mark said...

Reading them down here in Greensboro, NC, too. We're shopping local stores and artists, and sending what we can to the food pantry. Hitting a local show Saturday night. Thanks for the reminders and the great Xmas music. Hope you enjoyed the day off.